PT. Radhika Adifa Dzaki

PT.RADHIKA ADIFA DZAKI is a mining company specifically involved in mining in partnership with PT. TIMAH Tbk. Mining itself is an activity carried out to extract non-renewable natural resources. This activity must of course comply with existing regulations so as not to cause other problems, especially environmental problems.

PT. RADHIKA ADIFA DZAKI aspires to establish itself as a formidable contender within the highly competitive mining sector. Through strategic Human Resource Development, effective technology management, and the implementation of sound corporate governance practices, our aim is to emerge as the preeminent company in our industry.


  1. Elevate the company’s competitive edge by pioneering cutting-edge services and technology to exceed consumer expectations.
  2. Enhance human resource training initiatives to cultivate a high-caliber workforce, foster a conducive work environment, and generate extensive employment opportunities.